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1880's Barn Pictures


Additional Pictures of Interest

This wonderful old carriage was made by the Brown carriage Company in the early 1900's.  The youngsters in the photograph are John William Weng who was born on August 27, 1903.  Riding with John is his sister Johanna Philippine Weng (Klenk) who was born January 19, 1907.

The photo was taken in Butler Township on the north side of Stop Eight Road in front of the Weng homestead.  The family referred to the carriage as a 'pony cart'.  The horse was named Bill.  The cart was frequently used for these youngsters to travel to church and Sunday School at the old St. Johns Lutheran church on West Third Street in downtown Dayton.

Due to serious illness in the fall of 1966, William gave the pony cart to Elmer Weng (his brother) and to Elmer's son (Douglas Weng) as William wanted the pony cart to stay in the family and be preserved.

Elmer and Douglas designated the pony cart to be preserved by The Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler and was officially donated to the society by member Barbara Ann Weng Kimmel in the year 2000.



This beautiful late 1800's buggy was donated to The Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler in the 1980's.  The old black buggy was in an extremely deteriorated condition with extensive metal rusting, plus wood and leather decay.  Society members restored the buggy in the late 1990's to the present form with exception of the leather work, which was completed by local professionals.





The Weber Wagon Company was originated in 1847 with the manufacture of several styles of farm & utility wagons.  This wagon shown in the photo has removable side panels that are assembled so that grain such as corn could be hauled without the grain escaping between the side panels where they are assembled together.

This farm utility wagon was donated by Mr. Bob Fies in the late 1970's.  The wagon was restored by our society members to it's original beauty during the summer of 2005.  This included matching the original paint colors and restoring the Weber logo to the original style and color specifications.

The Historical Society of Vandalia-Butler members proudly displayed and rode in this stunning old wagon through the streets of Vandalia in 2005 as part of our annual participation in the Dayton Air Show Parade.